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Update: Grizzly Bear – Shields Gold Vinyl

I have flipped a couple of these so far and I just wanted to throw a quick update out there to anyone who purchased this item.

The current aftermarket price trends on Ebay are here.

Copies up for grabs on Ebay here.

Copies up for grabs on Discogs: (Ignore the first 2 items for sale. They are not the Gold copies.)

Also, check out various vinyl and music forums to see if anyone is currently looking for this item…

Watch the market and sell when the time is right … Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: Moon Duo – Circles [Sacred Bones]

Sacred Bones has released their own “Limited Edition” Moon Duo – Circles LP

Not a big fan of multiple labels releasing their own “Limited Editions”… Kind of defeats the purpose! :)

Purity Ring “Shrines” LP on Flesh Tone Colored Vinyl. Limited To 80 copies!

Back in April I blogged  as the pre-order for the ltd. ed. of the Purity Ring Shrines LP began. All copies were pressed on teal-colored vinyl but there were 200 copies of the LP issued with a Polaroid photo taken by the group. Those 200 copies sold out in a matter of hours and that ltd. ed. has been a great flipper. I know of one instance where the ltd. ed. LP sold for $125 and another instance where it sold for $225.

A reader has contacted the blog to inform us that a new edition of the record is now available to order from Last Gang. Apparently in an addition of only 80 copies, it’s pressed on “flesh tone” colored vinyl. I did some Internet research and couldn’t come up with any background information on this flesh tone pressing. Only 80 copies? OK, if you say so.  

Though I’m not sure that this edition will be $200s hot, it may very well turn out to be a collector’s item with some serious flipping potential. At only $16 I’d say it’s definitely worth a shot.

RecordFlipper recommendation: buy it!

Full disclosure: ordered.

Huge thanks to reader Aldo for the tip! Keep those tips coming! Email tips to or hit @mr_ltd_edition on Twitter.

And a million thanks to Jake for filling in with some great picks last week! Jake will continue to blog, offering his expertise to help us get to the hot records before they sell out. Thanks Jake!

Controversy Swirls Around White Hills / Farflung Split As A Copy Goes Up for Auction

Several weeks ago I blogged about the release of the White Hills / Farflung split LP, pressed on half-red-half-white vinyl, out from Cobraside. If you read the comments at the end of the post you’ll see that a bit of a controversy has erupted over the quantity pressed and the integrity of those selling the record. Unfounded? Perhaps. Hey, I report; you decide.

But as the issue festers a copy has gone up for auction on Ebay. A number of copies have sold on Ebay (I’ve been watching. Haven’t you?) in the $40 range, a pretty good mark-up from the $18 the record was being sold for upon its release. But I believe this is the first copy that has gone up for straight auciton: no “buy it now” price and no “reserve.”

The auction will go on for several days more and already a number of bids are in. Usually this is a good sign. Adding further interest is the availability of a number of copies at a huge markup from several sellers on Discogs.

How high will it go?

Watch this space!

Full disclosure: I own several copies of this record but am not currently selling mine, nor do I personally know any of the sellers linked or mentioned in this post.

UPDATE: Crowhurst’s “There Is No Hope Here” Sells Out In 9 Hours!

This morning I blogged about the pre-order for Crowhurst‘s unique “concentric record” There Is No Hope Here.

If you wanted one, hopefully you acted quickly and bought one. Because now they are gone. RecordFlipper was notified a short while ago that the record is sold out! OK. Congratulations Crowhurst. And for the flipper, the real fun starts now.

Crowhurst is saying that more very ltd. ed. records are coming. RecordFlipper will be sure to inform its readers when those records become available.

Watch this space …

UPDATE 2: J Mascis’ Heavy Blanket LP Gets 2nd Pressing

Email just now from Outer Battery. The yet-to-be-released Heavy Blanket LP has sold so well in pre-orders that they are going back to make more. Nice! Watchers of this blog would have been among the lucky few to get a purple vinyl copy.

Like to see a purple vinyl copy go for $75 before the record is even released. Watch this space…

The Outer Battery email:

 Just wanted to let everyone know that the CD and the white vinyl pressing are now available for pre-orders! We did a first run of 1200 records – 200 copies on purple vinyl which were only available from our website and now completely sold out. We now have the white vinyl available for pre-orders. There are 1000 copies of these white vinyl LPs and they will be available in stores, but this pressing is for the world, and selling out quickly at our distributors around the globe. Once the white vinyl is sold out they will be gone forever, and we’ll change the color for future pressings. If you missed out on the purple vinyl, or just want a white vinyl copy to go with your purple vinyl LP, then you can pre-order them from us now. As with the purple vinyl copies, we are not allowed to ship these until just before street date (May 8th) but we’ll make sure you get these on time, and we’ll combine your orders if you’re buying multiple colors and formats!

UPDATE: J Mascis’ Heavy Blanket Ltd. Ed. Sells Out!

Last week I blogged about the the soon-to-be-released Heavy Blanket LP, a ltd. ed. of 200 copies on purple vinyl by a psych trio consisting of J Mascis and two other musicians.

My advice then was Buy It!

Well, if you were interested hopefully you bought it already. Because now it’s gone. Checked back at the Outer Battery Records web site today and found the ltd. ed. sold out.

Ah, my flipper heart pounds with joy! Look for this one to go to a 100% markup, possibly before it’s even released! 

Watch this space…


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