Mission Statement

Thanks for checking out my blog.

The first thing I’d like to try to make clear is that this is not a music review site. I will not be reviewing music or records. I won’t be telling you, in any elaborate way, if I like, dislike or am indifferent to this band or that artist. There really are enough music magazines, music web sites and music blogs, don’t you think? And now that more-or-less every artist, record label and music distributor has his own website, how many more outlets for music reviews could really be necessary? Add Facebook and Twitter to that and the meter really pegs on “overload.”

And this is not a music news site, per se, either. This is not the site where you’ll find, for instance, breaking news regarding:

  • The comeback of Fiona Apple
  •  SXSW
  • Tour dates for this or that act

Not to say that those aren’t important things, they might be to you, but this is not the place for that kind of information.

Unless you went into seclusion a decade or so ago you can’t help but have noticed that vinyl is back in a big way. And record collecting, if it ever really went away, is perhaps now as popular as it was in the days when vinyl was the dominant – if not more-or-less the only – format for music. It seems to me that labels are releasing more limited edition records now than ever. And some newly released records are being snapped up and “flipped” like never before. To the best of my knowledge no web site, blog or magazine has yet made its primary business reporting on, calling attention to and offering investment advice on this new wave of limited vinyl releases.

So it seems to be just about the perfect time for a blog called “RecordFlipper”. So here we go.

Just FYI: I have been a lifelong lover of music and I listen to music on vinyl every day. Yes,every day. I have been collecting (or simply saving) records since childhood and still have records bought for me when I was 7-years old. And yes, sometimes I do speculate on and sell records. I think it’s a lot of fun. And my goal with this blog is to have some fun, too.

    • Jake
    • March 31st, 2012

    Awesome! I have been flipping myself for the past couple of years and I am glad to see someone out there is taking the time to maybe inform others of unique and exclusive releases! Thanks man!

    – Jake

    • Vasdenyas
    • June 17th, 2012

    Interesting blog! As much as I hate it myself when I miss out on records due to flippers snatching up complete pressings within hours just for hypes sake, I started flipping myself just to fund my vinyl addiction. So I guess I will keep following ;) Plus thumbs up for getting me into David Orphan!


    • Hi. Thanks for your kind words.

      We’ve all been there; beaten by flippers. I know I sure a have. It’s a big part of way I decided to start this blog. And whether your personal intention is to flip or not, at least reading the blog will give you a heads up on the release of records that may sell out very quickly.

      Yeah, David Orphan is cool. Great stuff on SoundCloud.

      Best regards.

    • Invasor
    • August 11th, 2012

    Nice blog..
    Just started flipping no to long ago
    More in the line of black,doom, sludge metal..
    Mainly tapes

    I’ll be checking back to this site often
    I’ll see how I’ll do..

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever have much luck “flipping” as I get too attached and don’t want to give them up. For the last few years of my collecting, I’ve seemed to miss out on some of these sweet little nuggets. This site is What I’ve been searching for! Thank you for alerting me to those ‘must haves’ I so often kick myself for missing out on. Although I did just drop some cash on the limited eraserhead vinyl (which I found out about through this site) – that was an absolute must have at all costs lp!

  2. Please update this site more often. I know you probably get lots of people pissing and moaning about this be a ‘flipper’ site but it’s also helpful to people like myself that listen to and keep records. I don’t ‘flip’ records myself but I miss out on shit all the time due to getting beat to the punch on key releases. It would be cool to see this site have lots of updated content (on most all genres). Include news on tape releases too. Thanks for reading my input. Don’t get soured on the crybabies that bitch about ‘flipping.’

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